◆ 混合三极管
            ◆ 混合数字三极管
        Combo Power MOSFET
             ◆ 沟槽式场效应管 12~100V
            ◆ 极快速整流器
            ◆ 超快速整流器
            ◆ 超高速整流器
            ◆ 快速整流器
            ◆ 通用整流器
            ◆ 玻璃钝化整流器


    Unisonic Technologies Company Limited was set up in 1990, and it is the manufacturing supplier for high-tech semiconductor devices and IC design, and its products are mainly of Power Management, and Audio Power Amplifier IC, supplemented with Motor Controller, OP, and TR. These components are primarily used in the market of PC, telecom, and consumer products, and they are sold throughout Asian area, while the company also owns direct branch in South Korea, Thailand, and India.

    Unisonic has employed IDM vertical resource integration strategy, and has clearly positioned itself as a highly integrated part manufacturer.

    The difference to develop a completely diverse service model from that of previous one in OEM/OEM lies on the fact that IDM would resort to more aggressive manner of approach, and one would have to fully master its independent competence in every critical point from the research and development, design, manufacturing, packaging, testing, and to the marketing of brand name. As such, it would achieve the advantage of productivity security and technical independence, which is different from the commissioned OEM model of domestic vendor supplier and would fully demonstrate its competitiveness.  


     Unisonic insists that it should follow along the path of IDM, and that has helped created widespread product lines for itself.


    The scope of application of its products is well widespread. For example, its power management IC can be used on motherboard, optic-electric storage product, power supply or digital camera and other products; for series products of audio power amplifier, it can provide the customers frequency needs from 0.25W to 35W,


    while its functions should include Headphone, mono, Stereo BTL with Shutdown with DC Volume Control

    of multiple choices for various applications on Car Radio, Car TV, LCD Monitor/TV, DVD Player, MP3, CD-ROM, Mobil phone, Note Book, and PDA or other wireless equipment. 

Technical Support
    Recommended Products
1.      ULD3380
2.      UL51A
3.      ULD0691
4.      UL62
5.      UL66C
6.      UL67C
7.      UL68B
8.      L3010
9.      L3012
10.    L16B45B
11.    UH8615
12.    L2800
13.    UC3800
14.    UPSRB03
15.    US2829


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